Hello world!

Hello KDE Developers

This is my first blog post so I guess I need to introduce myself. My Self sharad dixit from Indian Institute of Information Technology, Allahabad pursuing B. tech in Information Technology.

Presently i am working on Calligra Karbon Plugin as a summer of kde(Sok) 2012 student .My task is to create a variable width path shape / tool, much like the path tool, would allow drawing curves, but where each node could have its width set so that the line width changed smoothly from node to node. As Karbon is part of the Calligra suite, this would be beneficial to apps such as Krita,also.


Most recent version of code can be found on http://sourceforge.net/projects/variablethickne/files/ . I will keep updating this but for now this much good 🙂

Being part of KDE community is a great adventure for me; getting help from people when I stuck, showing off my work, commiting my code to KDE’s repositories and much more. People are very helpful, active and supportive.

You can find me with IRC Nick: illumiknight on #calligra.

– sharad dixit
KDE Calligra Developer


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